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                                                (that was a easy one, get ready for the hard ones.)



                                             (that wasn't hard, but it was harder  then the last one. i will make it harder now.)















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look! go to https://worldofwarcraft.com! theres a game called WOW and this is where a toren (one of the players you can be) got its dance from!




can you ask ME a question!!!!!!!

            Hey, you got a question?Or a problem?Well, if you got it, i might have the answer RIGHT here!!!!!                                   although, if i don't have the answer, just E-Mail me, heheferrets@hotmail.com!!!!!!                                                   


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                      Now, to test that you KNOW your password, they make you re-type your password.

                      if you want, you can have a nickname, and right under the re-type your password,                   

                      there's where to type it. You then type in your birth-date, now, don't worry if you don't

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                     I've been cooking for a long time, but, now that i have a site, i can sell the stuff i cook! 

                                          most things in the store are snacks. Like, shm'etzals

                                                            AND my fav, hehechocolate!!!!

                       but.... some people might think that i poisoned them. But... if you dont beleive me,

                       ask my witness, with the E-Mail address sharonar22@hotmail.com!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                       i WOULD like to sell other things.... but i only sell homemade stuff, so, when i find out how to make

                       homemade stuff, THEN i will.



                                                                  My ferret quiz


                             above, (BEFORE all these answers!!) there's a game, and video. 

                             Above that, there's a quiz. when you've answered them, it wont tell me WHO did what, so

                             you'll have to E-Mail me. ONCE again, heheferrets@hotmail.com . But, the last question is how

                             many answers you got correct. so to answer that, you have to wait for me to E-Mail your 

                            total back.                                                                     



                                                      ferrets VS duckys VS humans!!!!! 



                             Ferrets VS Duckys VS Humans!!!! is a series of ferrets and How-to videos. 

                             and, occasionally, a squeaky duck toy. For example, if you got (a) ferret(s),

                             I would tell you how to bath them, brush them, and bond with them!!!!!!!

                             and if you have any questions about it, E-Mail me at heheferrets@hotmail.com . 


                                                                 adding photos



                                         If you have any photos to add just go to photo gallery!

                                when your there, to look at the photos, go to the album you want

                             (there's only one) and then, well, look at them!!!! to add photos,    got to 

                                                                         add photos

                            then, choose if you want to download them from your computar,you can also 

                            put videos on videos  except you can also take some from you tube.





                         Have you been wondering why there are links EVERYWHERE on this site called funstuff?

                        well, if you haven't clicked on it, it takes you might want to know that it goes to

                         addictivegames.com!!!! Ever been there? if you said no, you should. there are valance games,

                         non-vilance games. but there ALL addictive!



                                                                 some cooool sites  


                       some of my fav sites are here, and one is WOW!!! (literally! It stands for world-of-warcraft.)

                        another one of my fav sites are somewhere else. my bro thinks its retarded, but I dont!

                                        my fav sitei like it so much, it gets its own space on my site!










 fatty asks...


        fatty asks...                                                                                                                      

        My owner said i got a  mattress, what color do you think i would want?



        fatty asks...

        what do you think my owner will get me for my birthday?



        fattys owner says...

        "make your own "fatty asks..."  and E-Mail it to me, my E-Mail address is     heheferrets@homail.com

        please include options that answer the question, and if i like it, ill put it on the homepage! 

feisty asks...


         Feisty asks...

          my owner said i gots fleas, what flea shampoo should i use????



          feisty asks...

          my owner said that my fleas is that bad?