Hey! I'm Jennifer, and this is heheferrets.com.  My reason for making this web site is because most people think that ferrets are just rodents! I'm here to say that they're more than that!  Ferrets arent just rodents, they're friends! 

I will also show you how to take care of them and how to bond with them via several 3-minute (approx) 'how-to' videos.

You will be able to add your own pics, personal or otherwise, but it would be great if they were your own  :o)         if you have any questions, just go to can i ask you a question

and itll have ALOT of answers. If you dont have your answer, E-Mail me! at heheferrets@hotmail.com. 





funstuff                                                                                                                                ferrets.VS.duckys.VS.humans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!