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Codiaks Canine Club

I am starting a doggy day care at my house. We are deciding how it will work, so thats all I know for now... plz E-Mail me at: hotmail.com.       (heheferrets@hotmail.com) for more info!




We have decided to cancel the doggy day care. BUT- we got a new dog. HER name is Zeebus! she is a doxin/beagle. she's sitting here right now!

bad news

           I am sorry to say that one of my ferrets (Fatty) Has fallen asleep for the last time. He was a ferret that I got for a reward for gettin' A yellow belt in tae kwon do, and he was the inspiration for this site. I wish I could have saved him, but at least I can say he lived a long, healthy life.




    This is a picture of my dear fatty.


     and here is a poem. (I am thinking of becoming a writer)


               His Last Sleep       


          As I found the words

          and said goodnight

          I always knew

          she would care




                "pets" wish for things we take for granted


                By jennifer

             dedicated to...